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Where extraordinarily unique items are auctioned as a real IRL collectible & a 1 of 1 NFT

Item 001: Authentic Model Tesla X

Signed By

Elon Musk

+ 1 of 1 Exclusive Signed Tesla NFT+ 1 of 1 Exclusive Video Proof NFT+ 1 of 1 Beckett Letter of Authentication NFT

Welcome to the most unique NFT and IRL pair the planet has ever seen. All bids on the auction below are for the full package of the Signed Model Tesla and the 3 NFTs. This signature was captured in a rare personal moment with Elon that you can witness in the video NFT below. Both the physical product and the 1 of 1 signed NFT are authenticated by Beckett - the gold standard of memorabilia. We hope you enjoy following this experience as this sale is truly groundbreaking for both memorabilia and the world of NFTs.

Memorabilia provided by our partner Autographia

5 D23 H15 M43 SUntil Auction Begins
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*bid is for 1 of 1 NFT and the physical signed model car by Elon (with Beckett letter of authentication). team will reach out to winning bid to schedule delivery.*

01. Video Proof

In the autograph world, proof is everything. And of course we have the Beckett Letter Of Authentication, however, this raw and amazing video captured of Elon holding this very car while talking about cryptocurrency is one of the coolest means of proof imaginable. It’s already minted as a 1 of 1 NFT and is the perfect compliment to the main event.

02. Certificate of Authentication

03. The Tweet

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To commemorate this historical auction, the team at HODL has built the below NFT. Not only is it proof you were here when the first and biggest IRL/NFT pair went out into the world - it also unlocks access and rewards in future auctions. The price is .05 ETH unless you’re one of HODL’s lucky holders - 20 of them will be airdropped this NFT just for being awesome. Add yours to your collection today. Only 500 available.

More About HODL Community And Token

The HODL Community (ERC-20) is thrilled to partner with Autographia on this ground-breaking event. HODL is a unique token backed by a powerful and engaged community. The token is brand new, launched in late June. Like many other massively hyped tokens, it experienced an intense rise and sudden fall in its earliest days. After that, the token has been very stable and de-risked at a level about 800% it’s launch price. Much of that energetic growth was fueled by the concept of The Diamond Marketplace. Well, now the marketplace is finally live and the next chapter is officially underway.

As for the token mechanics - HODL is extraordinarily unique. There is a 4% tax on every transaction that gets redistributed to existing holders (rewards) and 16% tax that “burns” tokens. A burn (recently used by the Ethereum network) is a brilliant way to decrease supply and therefore increase price over time.

This project is just the beginning for HODL. The team is excited to double down on NFT development and other innovative blockchain technologies that make for an incredible future.


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